Java Database Independence: Who Needs it?

One of the important changes that has occurred over the last 5-10 years is that open source databases such as Postgres have become remarkably mature. When Java developers started to »

Your App's Core Data Model: Theory and Practice

After yesterday's post about JOOQ, I wanted to return to the idea of how we go about creating our core data models in the real world. I like UML modeling »

JHipster and JOOQ? Access your pre-existing SQL model from your fancy JHipster app.

Inquiring developers in the Java space are looking into JHipster because it combines a great Angular / Bootstrap UI with the awesome and deep Spring Boot. JHipster is particularly attractive if »

JHipster: A few recommended settings for those who want to experiment with it

If you are a Java developer considering doing some experiments with JHipster, here are a couple options that you might consider when generating your first project: Use Maven, at least »

JHipster: A great way for Java developers to learn about AngularJS

I have been spending some time with JHipster.  I like it. Java developers looking to adopt AngularJS should check consider JHipster as a great way to get started. Below is »