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App3: We build Cloud Platforms

We build cloud platforms for companies that want to innovate and grow. We are focused on AWS, Containers, and Full Stack application development.

We are passionate about Bitcoin and Sovereign Computing for nation states such as El Salvador.

Consider the architecture diagram below. It is a fairly common multi-tier architecture used for web application hosting on AWS. It is a highly available, scalable, and robust architecture. It can be quite secure. AWS is great for building cloud platforms because it is the most mature cloud platform and has a broad feature set.

A Common Multitier Architecture Diagram (AWS)

Nation states that choose to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender are also going to need new cloud platforms that they alone control, because their financial sovereignty is at stake.

We are excited to help these brave nation states build their cloud platforms. Those platforms will likely treat Bitcoin as base layer money. Because of this, the platforms must be truly sovereign, all the way down to the hardware.

Only through sovereign computing can a nation states avoid censorship and control by other nation states. We are excited to be part of this movement.