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Cloud Migration

Cloud technology has been proven to be secure, efficient, and powerful. Moving your business to the cloud is a smart choice because the cost savings are so well publicized.

In the cloud, all of your IT infrastructure is software defined. This enables a sort of business agility that is difficult to replicate with traditional data centers.


Your business depends on its people. App3 can help your existing staff learn the skills needed in order for you to own and operate your IT infrastructure in the cloud.

Instead of managing physical equipment and servers, your IT staff can learn how to delegate the vast majority of workloads and recurring operational tasks to the cloud provider (such as AWS). This way, your IT people can focus on more important activies, such as security and other best practices.


When you move your business to the cloud, you can trade your physical servers for virtual servers in the cloud. This strategy is called 'lift and shift'. This is a well established pattern, but is not always the best choice.

A better strategy is to make architectural changes as you go. In some cases you can eliminate virtual servers entirely. This can be done using technologies such as Lambda or Docker. The cost savings here can be 80% or more compared to running virtual servers!

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We are a consulting organization with two decades of experience in building and operating systems across various industries. We focus on building systems for the cloud that are secure, performant, and fully automated.
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